Thursday, May 21, 2009

My First Work

First of all i want to introduce my first photo work.
it was in summer 2008, my friend told me shooting him and the photo is about "Human Wolf".The one funny thing is I only had a Canon 350D, 18-55mm lens and i didn't know what is shutter speed, ISO, aperture...etc.I wanted to show dignity
The photo shoot day was really cold, the rainy cloud was all around the sky, plus we were in the highest mountain of Ulaanbaatar./Bogd Uul/

My friend is proffesional ballet dancer.So the jumping process was easy for him.He's the best model i've ever work.Now he's dancing in Germany.He will come back in Mongolia this summer.Hope we're gonna make some interesting works. =]

Photo : Ku-G
Model : Odsuren Dagva
Body Art : don't know the name lol

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